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Get cashback rewards from the brands you love.

Get cashback
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The Meniga Rewards app allows you to shop with the brands you love. Get cashback straight into your bank account or use it to help the planet. It’s up to you. No coupons, no hassle, just great rewards from your favorite brands.

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How does it work?


Download app

First download the Meniga Rewards app and connect your payment cards. We will then send you personalised rewards from the brands you love.


Discover rewards

Check the cashback rewards that are waiting for you. View your rewards by category or simply locate the closest available Meniga Reward on a map. 


Go shopping

Go shopping at your favourite stores and receive cashback directly into your bank account or help the planet by donating them to the United Nations Carbon Offset Projects.

You can connect your cards from these banks

Join us in helping
the planet

The money you earn through Meniga’s rewards can help to make the planet a better place. Join us in supporting two important United Nations Climate Change projects in Malawi and India.

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Transparency is important to us

We want to make it clear that your data is just borrowed, is anonymized and you can delete it from our database whenever you choose. We believe in transparency and in giving people real benefits in return for the use of their data by providing them an easy way to earn money while shopping. Let us show you what we do with your data in our privacy policy and terms of service.  

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